Hands on

We Produce for you

Applying swiss quality standards we realize challenging production steps for you.
Dependent on your requirements, complexity and quality requirements we will relay on our internal capacities or international partners from Europe, China or USA.

Conformal coating

Protect your circuit boards and components from environmental impacts like humidity!

Programming and Testing

We program and test in a single process step. This enables us to find defects immediately and to correct them directly. So we save time and costs.


Highly precise milling in different angles - no problem!


Housing, chargers, auxiliaries: with a clean potting the appearance will be improved and damages will be prevented.

customized assemblies

We are pleased to take on the assembly of components or final assembly for your productions.

Made in Switzerland

Stands for quality and perfection that is appreciated by many customers. This does not necessarily mean higher costs.

"Won't work" - this is not an option. Together we find a Solution!